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The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge - November 2010
A review by Michael Upton published in the Rotherham Advertiser 3rd December 2010:

It wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of Scrooge - and the festive season certainly arrived early in Wentworth.

The village's Mechanics' Institute played host to the old Dickens favourite last Friday but the story had a twist. Under the tutelage of playwright Ian McGrath and Musical Director Ian Faraday, Wentworth Youth Theatre have revamped the old tale, replacing the urban counting house ogre with a miserly but powerful landowner who has banned Christmas from her South Yorkshire village.

So Victorian London becomes a present day village resembling Wentworth, Scrooge becomes a 38 year old business woman called Rose and, just to ensure the star of the Dickens novel isn't forgotten, Ebenezer Scrooge is among the spirits who visit her.

While drawing on the source material, McGrath and Faraday have introduced sufficient original touches to freshen up the familiar plot. Enjoyable songs are dotted throughout the production and are performed with gusto and sensitivity where relevant by an enthusiastic cast.

Hannah Beard, as Rose, holds everything together as the hard-bitten orphan-turned-miser but she is ably supported by performers ranging from primary school to college age.

The scene is set effectively against a sparse black backdrop with a handful of props and intelligent use of a screen on which images of Rose's manor house and what appeared to be Elsecar Park are projected.

But the strength of this epic - it runs to two-and-a-half-hours - is a large ensemble cast. They are word perfect when it comes to spoken lines and the number of muddled lines in the play's numerous songs are very few. Desipte the bare backdrop, this is a show full of vigour, energy and enjoyment, although it could do with a bit of trimming of the scenes following Rose's Scrooge-like second act transformation.

Long may McGrath, Faraday and his young colleagues continue their success in bringing theatre to the village. I look forward to their return in future productions.
Echoes - June 2010
From A Staniforth: As a committee member of Wentworth Youth Theatre I have be privileged to be involved in a number of shows. In my mind the Echoes performance on the last night at The Library Theatre was the best performance I have seen by WYT. The acting was fantastic! After having a look at the DVD and photos it's also worth saying a big "thank you" to all of those involved backstage. Some acts such as 'The Building of the Church' use lighting, costumes and back projection really well. It really does set the scene perfectly and help transport the audience to a dusty remote part of the Australian outback. Well done all of you! :)

From Kay: My daughter and I recently came to see 'Echoes' at the Library Theatre and were blown away by the tremendous performances everyone gave!
Dance.Net - September 2009
From KA: Hi :) I have just seen Dance.Net an I just wanted to say I LOVED IT!!!!! It was great!!! :) There is some fantastic talent in this theatre group and just thought I would let you know:) keep up the ACE ;) work x x x x x

From S: Fantastic show - so many talented actors and dancers. The venue is fantastic. Great atmosphere and good to see everyone up and dancing at the end!
Servant of Two Mafias - November 2008
From AM: Loving the Servant of Two Mafia pics! Really good! If that doesn't get people involved don't know what will. It was a tremednous performance that really showed off the credentials of what the Youth Theatre can do; there's that much potential, I'm sure there's more to come!

From BL: Loved The Show Servent Of Two Mafias! It Was Amazing It Was Hard Work But We All Pulled It Off In The End :) Love All The Cast They're Amazing !